Blood Circle

Cherished members of the inner circle,

You do me a great honor. My Canada Goose – Mr. DingleWaddles – favors you above all others. Such an outpouring of untainted blood friendship deserves respect and recognition. And I will do my best to see to it that you are appropriately distinguished for your wholesome acceptance of our rituals.

Each weekend – to the best of my ability – I will give praise and a shout out to those who decided to join the happy family. They will be included as topics of discussion at Brunch & Blood, as well as hexed on a weekly basis.

You have my ears dearest reader, please do be careful with them as the right one is already mildly dysfunctional. And remember to return them to me before each week’s ceremony. As always, please let me know your favorite location for pancakes so that I may review them. Additionally, any discussions, nightmares, internal monologues, or conspiracy musings you’d like to share are always welcome here.

Permanently Transfixed,