The Issacary Echelon Returns

*** This post is part two in the Issacary Echelon Resurgence, here is part one ***

I’ve not seen incantations used to such disastrous ends since before my reincarnation as a fleshy person. I used to be a Canada Goose – yes, just like dear old Mr. DingleWaddles. Though, his successes as a goose far outweigh my own as a human.

I am in disbelief. No, disbelief doesn’t quite describe it. I am pick-my-jaw-off-the-floor stunned mixed with horror. Horror so great, being stabbed repeatedly in the chest could not hope to emulate the sensation.

The Issacary Echelon is gone. They’ve been gone. Aren’t they supposed to be gone?

Why would they murder my friend the gazebo? How could they murder him? Literally how? He was covered top to bottom to top again in Ascension Homily carvings.

You remember the texts, don’t you? The one’s they used to read to us as schoolchildren as they hexed us with memory loss (to force us to study)?

Loud as thunder, because our teacher was literally lightning, they would crackle:

Banished! The Issacary Echelon was exiled to the land of Noden. Under the hex of Dispatch, they were placed. Yea – for 800 years they will contemplate using magic for murder. All the while living amongst the burning sands. They are no longer of our reality. Instead, locked tight in a timeless alternate. Locked. Until the day the sun goes supernova in their universe. Then. And only then. They will learn not to set others ablaze – without their permission of course.

Yes, our teacher could leave quite an impression. Especially when they sent one million volts directly into your body. The price we paid for being inattentive.

I’m nervous my dear reader. I’m not sure this second-rate community hex manager has the requisite swagger and courage to tackle the Echelon. Assuming, of course, it was the Echelon. But it must be. The gazebo would not have used his final moments to give me a history lesson.

Mr. DingleWaddles has been contemplating the matter as he floats atop the blood fountain. I’ve not seen him for hours. I do hope he is okay.

I must ready myself. Steel myself. There is much to uncover. But for the sake of my friend. I will do what I must.

~ Richard

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