Into Madness

When the quasars in your mind flare with a certain universal power, do the emerging thoughts rest easily with you – or do they scrape and chafe all corners of your imagination?

When I get to thinking big thoughts (like I sometimes do on late nights with friends), I obsess over every detail. 

I fall into an uncontrollable descent of thoughtful serendipities. Though perhaps not so fortuitous as I imagine it to be. Let me see if I can make that a bit clearer.

I enjoy sitting, assessing the vexed questions of life. Alas, at the same time I enjoy problems I stand a chance at solving. So when I consider philosophical questions, am I doing anything practical? Pragmatic? Purposeful?

Is it worth the time to author a meta blog post which philosophizes the sticky wicket of spending time on philosophical questions? Given I am doing exactly that, well: the answer has to be yes.

I flit back and forth between seeing the questions as viable candidates for discussion and useless pseudo-intellectual drivel. It pains me that I can’t be decisive on the matter. Though I suppose my indecision is a point in favor of having unanswerable debates.

My best advice is: don’t fall into the trap of letting those big thoughts consume you. While fun to consider many of life’s questions it often leaves me feeling like a bloated Swiss army knife. Having a variety of functions – none of them particularly useful.

Though sometimes you want to debate things for their own sake. And sometimes you want a bloated knife because you can’t help but collect curiosities. 

So where do you fall on the importantance of philosophy?

~ Richard


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