Red Velvet Lifetimes

It’s just you and I dear reader. Tettereing on the precipice of the lives we live and the lives we want.

Perhaps you’re further from the edge than you’d like to be. Perhaps if years were miles, you’d feel like you were a world away. Perhaps you don’t realize time is your ally.

I didn’t. I didn’t know we were responsible for curating our own lives. 

I’ll figure it out later. I’ll know it when I see it. I’ll have it all – someday.

And then someday never came.

In your mind you set yourself up as the mayor of your future. Only to leave your present a ghost town. Your past is irrelevant because you told yourself you’d live with “no regrets.”

But you know it’s not true.

What does happen, dear reader, is you get better. You make incremental improvements. You write a blog post. Then another one! You’ve done several at this point.

You use the tag #BlogPostADay. And then, you miss a day.

But it doesn’t matter. Because as long as you’re somewhat consistent, you’re doing better than the rest. 

Reader, I’m proud of you for being here. I’m proud of you for reading in a world where print is dying. I’m proud of you for expressing yourself in the medium you feel so comfortable with. 

You give me hope that I’ll forgo the crushing bind the future holds on me. Hope that I’ll stumble into a present full of people where there is no mayor. Because the self obsession and narcissism is the thing we decided to put off today.

You’re the one who watches​ the clock and counts the calories, because you know they add up.

And for everyone else, well: let them eat cake.

~ Richard


3 thoughts on “Red Velvet Lifetimes

  1. Love it – let them eat cake indeed!
    I am addicted to this word a day and will no doubt have a mini meltdown if heaven forbid, I miss one! 😝🐻

    Liked by 1 person

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