Friends with Dinner

You ever have those late-night conversations with friends, dear reader? When you’re talking about nothing and everything at the same time?

They are my favorite. My life blood perhaps. And as fortune would have it, last night was one of those sought-after evenings.

You take a drink. They take a drink. You’ve all had ten drinks. You’re all sitting on the couch and someone makes a comment about how they are sinking into it.

And then you meander right into a philosophical quandary.

You try to be a good host. You put forth every effort toward hospitality. And you still end up in a somewhat intense argument over the most random thing. And, if you’re me, you love it.

Last night I was asked, “if [I] was on a sinking ship, who are the friends that [I] would save?” Oh geez.

I’m not sure I’m capable of answering, dear reader. I do have friends that I place over others. As in, I enjoy their company more. And with certainty, there is a divide between friends and acquaintances.

But between friends and other friends?

If I had a gun in my hands and was compelled to shoot 5 of my 10 closest friends I’d sooner shoot myself. They don’t believe that. They maintain that I know – or would know – who to save.

It’s amazing how little we get to define ourselves. Your friends get to say “Richard wouldn’t do that…” or “oh yeah I could totally see him doing that!”

So, thanks to their keen insight, I’m killing people by committee. Though I should take a moment to mention that I’m no better.

I do have opinions about people. I do assign aspects to people’s character. I do decide what a person will and will not do – from my perspective.

I just don’t know if I possess the right moral acuity to decide which of my friends are worth saving and which are not. I want to save them all. But that answer is not good enough.

Yet it’s the only one I have.

Dear reader, reflect in quiet moments about the late-night (or early morning) questions you’ve been posed. Weigh them to see if you’re capable of holding them. And let them go when they become too heavy.

As I poured over the question that evening, and ten drinks turned into eleven, at least I knew I would save them.

Sailing the Seven Seas,



10 thoughts on “Friends with Dinner

  1. Dinner with friends is the best. 🙂 I enjoyed reading your post. A sinking ship and shooting your friends are extremely different in my opinion. I share your thought in the latter. Even the first, maybe I would not be able to decide so easily as I expressed. As it is all hypothetical, it’s hard to actually imagine what I would do in the situation. There are always people you care about more than others. If you are on a sinking ship, chances are: family/love interests come first/second. Then friends come next in a ranking–not all at once. There are ones you care about more than others. I guess I wanted to know where I stand. You are pretty high up on mine.

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    • You should know exactly where you stand. Beside me, and all my other friends. You’re all high up. And you’re right: I wouldn’t know until the moment. But let’s hope it never comes to that.


  2. Thought experiments can be troubling, especially when you don’t have sufficient information to make the right decision and drinking all that wine does not give you the clearest head, but being with your friends must be fun.

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    • I think the more difficult/troubling aspect is when there isn’t any clearly ‘right’ decision to be made. But you’re correct: what’s more important is having the friends to conduct the thought experiment than actually doing it.


  3. Love those questions, particularly after a few drinks! And you are so right, everyone tells you exactly what you will do and not listen to what you think you will do 😂😂😂🐻

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