Brunch & Blood – #1

My closest circle,

You flatter me, my dear followers. When I started but a few short days ago, whipping the blog idea around the thought centrifuge, I was unsure that I’d be capable of distilling my narratives.

But here we are. Paralyzed by the sight of the impeccable vista that constitutes this small internet community. And by the potion you meant to put in your friend’s drink.

But at least you were left immobile on a recliner watching the sunset from your balcony. It’ll wear off in a few hours anyway.

I’ve been etching your names into my wall, my dearest readers. Don’t worry, they’re safe under the hexes of friendship. Right above the fountain where my Canada Goose – Mr. DingleWaddles – has full access to view, appreciate, and memorize every last one. He’s rather serious about the latter.

I’m incapable of thanking you enough. Physically incapable. I lack the requisite number of hands and keyboards to do so – though I am attempting to aggregate as many as possible.

Your words are as important as mine. And I’m grateful for every instance that you share them with me. But before I get too emotional and start tossing rose petals into the fire, allow me to thank you properly.

Welcome to the inner circle friends:

All of you encourage me to begin each day as if I had never performed a seance or ritual in my life. It’s thanks to you that my mouth is lucid and thoughts limpid.

For you: all the beers in the world,



7 thoughts on “Brunch & Blood – #1

  1. This morning on the way to work, I was listening to an old favorite, a Jonathan Coulton song called “Good Morning Tuscon.” It’s a cheerful little ditty about a morning newscaster who’s reporting live from the studio when the world comes to an end. I’ve probably listened to that song a couple of hundred times since first discovering it, but this morning something strange happened. Your blog has apparently taken root in my imagination, and today, the newscaster was a disgruntled wizard, crafting a world-destroying incantation on a crappy TV morning show. Thanks for that!

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    • Ah Jo Co! Still can’t believe he wrote a song a week for an entire year. I’m so glad you took a moment to share. Nothing makes me happier than knowing the destructive machinations I can’t force from my mind are transferable – or at least contagious. I’ll be sure to share with Mr. DingleWaddles.

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