Nontrivial Pursuit

My Petrified Peoples,

They’ve almost arrived. But what would give them reason to pursue!?

How did they know where to look? I can hear the sirens through the walls of my small but well-designed concrete box I call home and the leasing office calls an apartment.

The police… But my blood circle is nowhere near complete! I simply must know who is responsible for telling them where to find me.

Could it be? Was it-

Was it you my dear reader? Did you tell the authorities where to find me? I don’t understand.

You need to loosen those lips and tell me if you were the one! But not that loose, please. That’s kind of gross if I’m being honest. Keep your lips on your face at least.

Reader, you must tell me immediately if you told the police where to find me. Right now. Tell me. Was it you?

There isn’t much time left now! I need to hurry and complete my blood circle before they arrive. It’s a good thing that I’ve read so many ascension homilies that I can make the carvings in my sleep. I often do actually…

But I’m getting side tracked! That red and blue alternation. I can feel those lights, reader. Only minutes are left. Moments maybe.

Reader please, I beg of you! Were you the one? Did you tell them?

Because I can’t thank you enough! If it was you, I may have asked that you gave me slightly more time but Mr. DingleWaddles – my Canada Goose – and I will make do.

Law enforcement is a welcome part of our community, and I have so little time to put together something that shows my sincere appreciation. Yes, I know, they deserve more than a séance. But at least those fresh bagels are ready to go!

Oh, and what’s this? Ah, they’ve just battered down the door. My company has arrived so I’ve got to go, dear reader. Thanks again, if it was you.

Physically Manifested,



One thought on “Nontrivial Pursuit

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