Temporary People and Dangerous Clocks

My Dearest Reader,

You asked me why I write. Because I must. But let me explain.

All we have is our time. The reason I sit down and I peck away at my keyboard is because that’s what I want to be doing. When you have a lot to say, you best start speaking. When you have places to go, you best start moving. And when you have an all-consuming desire to do something – well, you’re probably already doing it.

I’m asked why I’m willing to stick to such a rigorous lifestyle. The reason is because I’m trying to do right by me. And you, my reader, need to do right by you.

We are temporary people. Today we are here, and we convince ourselves that we will be for the foreseeable future. But every time I look down at my watch that becomes less and less true. As the seconds pass I beg the clock to back up, or at least hold on for just a moment. But it never does.

The experiences I’ve shared with so many slides from the present moment into memory. Some with those I’ll never share new moments with again. And I don’t get to pick and choose who those people are.

I wear a watch precisely because I need the encouragement that the subtle tick provides. It lets me know when I’ve been dawdling. It lets me know how much I’ve got left. It lets me know when I’m too late.

If there is someone you love, tell them. If there is a friend you want to see, call them. If there is a place you want to go, get moving.

Reader, there is no time for anything else.

Let me be clear: not everything in your life must be centered around being productive. My best moments aren’t. But I wouldn’t have had them if I didn’t take the first step.

And for the moments missed, or the ones I want back, I have my writing. Those experiences never shared, the loves lost, the places you can only see inside your mind. It’s why I don’t have idle hands.

So don’t live idle lives – unless that’s truly what you want.

I don’t mean to upset you, dear reader – in fact just the opposite. When you recognize that you are spending your time however you want to, it’s liberating.

It’s your present to yourself.

~ Richard


6 thoughts on “Temporary People and Dangerous Clocks

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