Tepid Morality

My Taciturn Tattletale,

Let’s talk about friends. Are they just like you? Do you stray wildly from them? Do you miss them when they are away or silent?

I’ve always tried my best to keep a wide circle but I never was any good at geometry. So, with that in mind, my early group was very small: and keen on keeping it small. But my dear reader, I know well that expanding that circle really is the sweet cherry pie.

Hear me when I say this: you must have at least one friend who is perfectly corruptible, and one who is entirely pure. Keep them both in tow; you’ll always be confused – but in a good way. You may reach into your pocket and find your moral compass spinning, ebbing whichever way it chooses. And yet that’s not an inherently ‘bad’ thing. You see, morality is entirely what you make of it.

Yes, yes – aggregate morality, if I may call it so, dictates what is generally acceptable. For example: running is the only widely accepted form of masochism, which is why I do so regularly. Any parties engaged in running can endless fraternize over the activity, proudly proclaiming “I ran x miles yesterday!” while maintaining an unconvincing smile. And yet beneath the surface, the real social connection is formed because both parties subconsciously know that some part of them likes being put through the debilitating strain. But anyway.

Your perfectly corruptible friend will test the limits of your comfort zone. He or she will find the pockets of your personality you may not be entirely aware of. My perfectly corruptible friend is a polyamorous bisexual who is outwardly conservative, but an absolute erotomane behind the scenes.  And while I do not partake in the bohemian lifestyle, I can appreciate their perspective.

Your pure friend will show you what you aspire to be. They are the person that will help you see that good still exists in the world. Someone that fills you with hope. My pure friend is always available. They’ve been there for the most devastating events in my existence and they always have an ear ready to listen – as if they left it on standby.

Between the two you’ll bounce back and forth between doing things you never want to again and realizations that you don’t need to be what society accepts as ‘good’ to be a good person. After all, you’re my dear reader, and that’s ‘good’ enough for me.

Stay Thirsty My Friends,



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