Groping for Answers

Good evening my autodidactic word processors,

In this internet reality, I have one glorious follower. They decided to make a quiz. And here we are.

If you are willing to utilize your eyes to read the post, you may do so here. If you are having trouble using your eyes, go back to your high school chemistry classroom and seek out one of those eye-washing stations. If problems persist, frantically Google your symptoms before caving and seeing a doctor.

So, let’s begin.

  1. What are your three biggest values?

Independence. Honesty. My credit score.

  1. What is your biggest flaw?

My physical addiction to pancakes.

  1. What do you want from life?

To find that one girl who will look at me like I’ve seen others look at pizza. The longing. The desire. But one that you don’t have to mask.  Enjoyed with company, or alone. Cold or hot. With or without toppings. Available for delivery or pick up. And always cheesy.

  1. What are five traits you really want in a significant other?

Independence and honesty overlap from my own. But otherwise? The courage to stand in the face of moral crises. Corruptibility – in the sense that they are willing to have fun on either side of the moral divide. Lucky: because that’d be profitable for both of us.

  1. What are you most afraid of?

Being forgotten. Fortunately, the internet always remembers…

  1. Who do you dream most about…(besides family, of course!) if you were to really think about your dreams?

Myself. Can’t seem to remove that character from my late-night mental theatrics. Narcissistic it must sound, but I did tell you I liked being honest.

  1. Physically, what does your dream guy/girl look like?

Kristen Stewart and/or a Totino’s pizza roll.

  1. What do you do in your free time or when you are bored?

That’s classified.

  1. Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

In mirrors, tinted car windows, and reflective sunglasses. You know, assuming things keep going as they do.

  1. As you were taking this quiz, did anyone come to mind?

Absolutely, I can hardly take my mind off you dear reader.




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