Fueling the Rhetorical Flamethrower

My dearest Reader,

You are the sauce to my proverbial and verbal spaghetti. Cherished word receptacle, welcome to my fiery trench. As this is my introductory post, I’ve set aside some space for my objectives:

  1. To inconsistently post.
  2. To drivel as much as possible.
  3. To review pancakes with technical acuity and statistical accuracy.
  4. To occasionally be serious and write about my broader findings in life.
  5. To share my experiences and denial of objective reality.

I’m torn. I’m not convinced the blog will be conducive to my style as it lacks an appropriate mechanism to capture my hand gestures. For those who know me, they know that my hands are the most Italian part of my character. I’m also not inclined to use the variety of stylistic devices that are at my disposal. While I could tell you the 17 MOST conventional ways to annoy your reader, I’d rather not.

So why start a blog? Well, I’m getting tired of punching the clock: it really hurts those Italian hands of mine. It’s an outlet for the stories and musings that parade themselves into my imagination. Writing is imperfect, not as a rule of thumb mind you, only when you lack a decent editor. The exercise is enjoyable, and refreshingly not physical.

Oh reader, you are my unlimited breadsticks. The thing that keeps me going back even though everything else is terrible. So share your thoughts, or if you’re feeling risky, your social security number.

Cha-Cha Real Smooth,



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