A Repository of Useless Knowledge

In the United States, an assault of vexing issues have borne their full burden on the minds of many Americans. Here is a little bipartisan list of political oddities to distract you from meaningful conversations of my nation's problems. The current chairman of the House Appropriations Committee Rodney Frelinghuysen (R-NJ) was once contested in a congressional … Continue reading A Repository of Useless Knowledge


Liquid Dreams and Tired Thoughts

When the first echoes of my alarm clock disturb me from slumber a series of disjointed thoughts surface. First: shut up shut up shut up - I know I know, I need to get up. But afterward, any matter of cranial piffle will pile in. In these liquid moments, I find some of my favorite words. Perhaps because … Continue reading Liquid Dreams and Tired Thoughts

Gone Reading

I'll keep this post shorter than James Madison and sweeter than the Starbuck's Unicorn Frap. I love writing to you, my dear reader. But I must keep my fervent dedication to reading or I might lose the drive to continue our correspondence. I trust (and hope) you will understand, and anticipate you are much the … Continue reading Gone Reading

Metro Monophobia

*** Disclaimer: this post contains some words readers might find offensive, others might find refreshing, and the most innocuous viewer might find outright potty-mouthed. *** I'm taking a short break from my episodic narrative for two reasons. The first, I've written my character's way into the woods but I seem incapable of getting him, and … Continue reading Metro Monophobia


*** This post is part thirteen in the Issacary Echelon Resurgence, here is part twelve, or start from the beginning *** We sat there in the woods for a while after. A bit like fallen branches cluttering the ground. She sat in a small ball. Arms hugging her legs and face nestled between her knees. … Continue reading Out